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20 Best Website Builders

Website builders are not necessarily the new trend but they have gained huge popularity in the recent times. With the new advancements and greater convenience for building websites, they are being preferred by not only beginners but professionals as well. Like the modern web hosting services, they have become essential to business success in this digital era. I bring you this latest list of the best website builders you need in 2024. I tried them all to gather their latest features so you won’t have to.

Modern websites require a multitude of advanced features. Therefore, you need to be updated about which website builders come with the most advanced yet flexible set of features. Some website builders come with a greater scope for customization while others come with relatively straightforward affairs that value simplicity over everything else. In this article, I will list out the main features, pros, and cons of each website builder to help you decide which one is the right website builder for you.
Before we dive right in, let’s understand what exactly is a website builder and how to choose the right website builder.

Introduction to Website Builders

An ideal website offers an intuitive interface that comes laced with a wide selection of tools and features to build a website. A typical website builder comes with a drag-and-drop editor that enables users to build a fully-featured website without having to code. Moreover, a website builder is self-explanatory that doesn’t require any prior training or experience to use them. Some website builders are hosted on the cloud and cater online while some are downloadable software that can work without a stable internet connection.
It is a myth that website builders can only help you create an entry-level website with some average or outdated features only. It is quite not the case. In fact, a right website builder can offer the most latest features with least complexity. In simpler words, a website builder is a no-code, drag-and-drop tool that sometimes also offers domain names and hosting services. Be clear that a CMS is not a website builder.

What are some benefits and downfalls of website builders?

Some of the benefits of using website builders are-

Value for money

If you go for the traditional method of website building, you may have to spend an extravagant amount of money to afford professionals, tools, hosting, domains, and more. However, with website builders, you can create your own website and some also offer added elements like hosting servers, domains, SSL, CDN, etc. Basically, you get a good value for your money.

Less time consuming

Creating a website using a website builder can help you save a lot of time. You can just select a template, make little to no changes and voila! Your website is live. On the other hand, the traditional method of website building is a lot more time consuming and can take up to months or even years.

No prior experience or coding skills required

A typical website builder comes with a drag and drop editor or WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor. Basically you just drag and drop elements around and can build a fully functional website. Moreover, you don’t even need any coding knowledge or prior experience with website building to build your own website with website builders.

Wide selection of tools and add-ons

Maybe not all, but most of the website builders come with a great range of add-ons and extensions. They offer beautifully designed, professional-looking templates to create beautiful websites. Moreover, some even have dedicated app markets for additional integrations or functionalities by third-party apps.

Flexible UI and UX

Indubitable, UI and UX play a key role in the overall success or failure of a website. With a website builder, you can create a beautiful looking website that offers incredible user experience with latest website and SEO tools like vector art, social media buttons, color palettes, lists and grids, sliders, customizable properties like color, font, size, border, and so much more. Basically, it takes care of technical aspects and allows you to focus on the core user interface and user experience.

SEO features

A right website builder will also offer essential SEO features to allow you to increase the visibility of your website. Some of the necessary SEO features offered by website builders are adding meta description and title, alt text, SEO friendly image, SEO friendly URLs, heading tags, and more. You can also create beautiful looking landing pages to boost your SEO in no time.

Some of the downfalls of using website builders are-

Lack of professional feel

The traditional way of building websites involves hiring professionals to build websites, which sort of guarantees a professional feel to the website. Since you are building your own website, especially if you are absolutely new to this field, you may end up building an ameteur website. It may work fine and will do what it is intended to do. However, if it lacks that professional feel, it can affect the overall success of your website. However, if you do your research and go for a professional website, it should not be a problem.

Limited mobile experience

Although website builders like TemplateToaster offer a completely automated way to optimize your website for mobile users with negligible input, there are some website builders like Wix that require you to put some effort into making your website mobile friendly. However, choosing the right platform would not create such issues and you can create an effective and mobile-optimized website. But failing at it can make all your hard work go down the drain.

Limited SEO elements

Most website builders are limited to essential SEO features and traditional website building processes still have a leverage when it comes to SEO. However, some website builders are coming forward with advanced SEO features and this downfall may resolute in the coming time.

How to choose the right website builder?

There are a lot of website builders out there and choosing the one can be a difficult task. However, if you go by a certain criteria, you can pick the right website builder for you. I am listing some most important factors you need to consider while choosing a website builder-


For some users, pricing can be the biggest factor. However, the best thing about website builders is they are often budget-friendly and you can easily get a website builder that offers adequately sufficient features in an affordable budget. However, if you read this article, you will know everything you need to know when it comes to affordability and value of money offered by various website builders.

Number of templates

Website builders are primarily used for creating eye-pleasing websites. Therefore, it is important to consider the number of templates as well the quality of templates offered by a website builder. There are some websites that offer only a handful of templates but they are all highly intuitive and appealing. On the other hand, some website builders offer a lot of templates but are not even capable of meeting initial requirements.

Add-ons or extensions

Some website builders come with an extensive app market allowing you to incorporate third-party add-ons or extensions. If your goal is to grow your website in future then go for a website builder that comes with an app market for greater scope of scalability.

Ease of use

One significant reason for the existence of a website builder is to offer ease-of-use. There is no point of spending money on a website builder that is going to complicate the website building process. Therefore, consider the degree of ease offered by a certain website building platform when choosing one.

Customer assistance

Even though website builders are pretty straightforward and easy to use, you may still want to consider having accessible customer assistance just in case you find yourself stuck somewhere. Some websites are limited to forums and tutorials only, while some offer great customer assistance via live chats or emails.

List of the latest website builders

Some of the latest website builders laced with the most flexible yet advanced features are expected to buzz in 2024. Some of the website builders that are absolutely going to rock this year are as mentioned and explained below-


Wix is an all-rounder website builder that comes with an extensive set of features and capabilities. This extremely beginner-friendly website builder allows you to build your website with greater control, which means you can create a layout as per your requirement without any restriction. It comes with an unstructured drag-and-drop which allows website developers to drag and drop website elements without any restriction and create a unique layout, just like they have imagined. This unstructured editor may be difficult to get a hold of in the beginning but users eventually get used to it. In fact, it helps create a pixel-perfect website.

To get started, users can simply sign up, determine their industry or niche, select a template that meets their initial requirements, make changes accordingly, and make their website live. Wix offers over 500 professionally designed templates, neatly categorized for different industries and niche. Not long ago, Wix released Wix ADI (AI Design Interface) to make the website building process entirely automatic. This AI-based system would ask a few questions to gather initial requirements from the users and build a website depending on those questions, all by itself. Moreover, it also shows the progress when it is building the site and then notifies you when the website is done building.

At first, users complained about not having an option to gain access to the HTML and CSS of their Wix website. Therefore, Wix introduced Corvid for professional users that allows them to gain access to the raw CSS and HTML files. In fact, they can throw in their custom block of CSS or HTML if they want, offering next-level customization. However, you can always migrate your website from Wix to WordPress easily. Read its features in the next section –


Drag-and-drop editor: Wix offers an unstructured drag-and-drop editor that enables you the liberty to build a website as you have imagined.
Logo maker: Comes with an in-built logo maker that allows users to turn their websites into brands.

Wix ADI: Users who don’t have enough time to build your website yo

Stunning templates: It has over 500 beautiful templates designed by their in-house expert designers to build a stunning website. Make sure you pick the right template as they are not switchable after your website goes live.

eCommerce tools: Offers a whole lot of eCommerce-specific tools to develop a fully functional eCommerce website.

SEO-friendly: Comes with a bunch of digital marketing tools and apps to boost the SEO ranking of your website.

Wix Corvid: This advanced tool is meant for professionals who want access to raw HTML and CSS of their Wix website.

App market: Wix offers an app market which contains a wide selection of third-party apps compatible for Wix websites as add-ons or extensions.

Pros and Cons


  • An all-rounder website builder
  •  Great flexibility and range of integrations
  • Offers AI-enabled automatic website building feature
  • Highly intuitive


  • Flexible editor can be difficult to get a hold on
  • Templates can’t be witched later
  •  Some templates or extensions can be too expensive

Important specifications

Mobile-friendly: Requires little to no efforts

SSL certificate: Yes

Free Domain: Yes, available for a year

eCommerce Support: Yes

Ideal for
As long as you are clear about your goals, you will be fine with Wix. It caters for the needs of both beginners as well as professionals. However, if there is any chance that you may have to make changes later to your website, especially if it involves switching templates, then Wix may not be the ideal solution for you.
Wix comes with a free version with essential features to build an average website. However, there are main 3 premium plans available-

Unique factor
No constraint on its unstructured drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create your free-style website without any complexities.
Missing feature
It doesn’t support content export feature which refrains you from exporting content from your Wix website. As a result, you can’t switch templates once you make your site live. You’d have to start all over again.

If you like the sound of Wix so far, here get a closer look!


Weebly is another easy-to-use website builder with over 50 million websites built over it. Since beginning, it’s been adamant on offering the easiest way to build websites with its unmatched, user-friendly editor. Maybe this is the reason it is quite popular amongst users, especially small and medium-sized website owners. Just like Wix, it also comes with a generous free plan, large built-in tools, and an extensive App market. Moreover, the premium plans are affordable and offer great value for money. It’s super simple and easy-to-use drag and drop editor is a highlight that enables users to build a fully functional website without having to write a single block of code. However, if you are a professional developer and would like to make some advanced customization, Weebly offers a built-in coding editor for that matter. Overall, it caters for both professional and novice users.

From blogging to SEO and eCommerce, Weebly has all the right tools and features to support your website. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a lot of money and effort in order to manage and run your Weebly website. As far as eCommerce is concerned, Weebly was acquired by payment company Square back in 2018 which enabled Weebly to adopt a stronger eCommerce focus and unsurprisingly, seamless integration with Square. Apart from that, there is a dedicated section for eCommerce tools in the Weebly App Market.

Nevertheless, Weebly offers 50 themes to choose from. It may not be a whopping number as compared to the other website builder but the offered themes are absolutely incredible in terms of designing and optimization. Every offered theme is mobile-responsive, speed tools optimized, and well-designed. It is safe to say that you will end up with an attractive and optimized website if you decide to go for any of Weebly’s themes.


Hosting services: Weebly offers hosting for your website as it is included in your premium plans.

Security: there are adequate security measures to combat DDoS attacks and offer encryption to the data being transmitted from your website using SSL certificate.

Extensive App market: Offers an extensive app market that avail an ample of tools categorized in 5 main categories- Social, Marketing, Communication, Site tools, and eCommerce.

Customer assistance:

SEO Tools: SEO tools are vital to gain visibility and overall success and Weebly offers a strong set of SEO tools.

eCommerce Support: Offers a lot of tools for eCommerce stores including shopping cart, Quick Shop, items, inventory stock management, in-store pickup, etc.

View stats: Allows users to view stats from their Android or iOS mobile device.

Access to code: Allows advanced users to gain access to the raw HTML and CSS code blocks of their website to make advanced customization.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers a free version with all essential tools adequate for small websites
  • Provides helpful SEO guides
  • Customizable templates
  • Humongous app market
  • Best scaling features


  • No personal restore means
  • Structured templates can limit creativity
  • Important specifications
  • Responsive themes: Yes
  • SEO-friendly tools: Yes
  • eCommerce support: Yes but limited
  • Multilingual website support: No

Ideal for
Weebly offers a great range of tools for online stores. Especially the integration with Square payment offers a seamless checkout process which makes it the best website builder to build an eCommerce store as compared to any other listed here.
Weebly comes with a generous free plan with adequate features to build a small website or portfolio site. However, there are main 3 premium plans available at Weebly-

Unique factor
Weebly’s themes are extraordinarily stylish and highly responsive. The quality of themes is outstanding and are highly compatible with various devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

Missing feature

Weebly doesn’t offer much when it comes to a multilingual website. Moreover, themes are great in-terms of quality but they are structured, which means you don’t have enough options to customize them and you are limited to make minimal changes only.


Squarespace is indubitably the most sophisticated website builder with a drag-and-drop editor that offers a lot of creativity to businesses alike. It offers the best quality designs for creating professional-looking yet stylish websites. This website builder comes with a total of 60 templates for various industries and niche, which can easily adapt to mobile devices. It comes with a section-based drag-and-drop editor that allows you to drag and drop website elements in sections only. This is not a restriction but is actually a convenience that allows you to get used to the editor in no time. Moreover, the interface is modern and uncluttered that allows users to get a grip on it and after that it is a smooth sailing. Moreover, it comes with a preview option that allows you to see how the changes are going to look like.

Furthermore, the straightforward interface allows you to add text, images, and view the final outcome before going live. Once you are satisfied with the final look, you can publish your website to make it go live. Building a website can’t be easier than this. On top of that, you don’t need any prior experience with website building or coding and can still build a professional website.

At the first sight, Squarespace seems promising and considerably easy. However, when you start working on it for real, you realize it is more complicated than it seems, especially the editor that can be a bit difficult to understand. Therefore, expect a lot of fumbling around but the beautiful interface and the stunning outcome make it all worth it.


Visual website builder: It comes with a section-based visual website builder that allows you to create a website by dragging and dropping sections of elements rather than a single element to create even aligning.

Preview option: When making changes to backend and frontend, you can see how the outcome is supposed to look with the preview option.

Stunning templates: Comes with a range of professional themes and starter sites and makes it easy to browse by grouping them in categories based on the niche.

SEO tools: Offers top-of-the-class SEO tools and real time SEO recommendations.

eCommerce features: Enables users to launch an online store based on WooCommerce.

High creativity: Great visual elements makes it a suitable platform for building a creative website or portfolio.

Third-party plugins: Allows access to a wide array of third-party extensions and themes from the WordPress ecosystem.

Automated backups: Creates automated backups on a daily basis.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable premium plans
  • Highly intuitive and stunning interface
  • Mobile-optimized themes
  • Offers easier migration to other web hosts if needed


  • No free version
  • Not adequate for building eCommerce stores
  • Important specifications
  • Free SSL: Yes
  • Free domain: Yes
  • eCommerce features: Limited
  • Free plan: No
  • Ideal for

Squarespace caters for anyone who wants to get creative while creating their own website regardless of their technical ability. Therefore, it is best for artists, photographers, chefs, or anyone who is related to the artistic field and wants their website to look as good and vibrant as their work. Therefore, gather your high-quality pictures and allow Squarespace to make your work shine better. However, we recommend you to avoid building a text-heavy website using Squarespace because you may find it hustling to make the most of its visual designs.

Unique factor
It allows you to edit your website like updating your business hours, publishing a blog, etc, from a mobile device using the Squarespace app. In case you lose internet connection, don’t worry. It will save the unfinished work and you can complete it once you get the internet connection back.

Missing feature
Squarespace is not exactly the beginner-friendly website builder where you can just jump-start building your website. You might want to read some basic instructions before starting working on your website since the interface has a bit of a learning curve. Therefore, Squarespace needs to make the interface a bit more free and focus less on the sophistication as it is somehow limiting the creativity.


TemplateToaster was first released in 2009 and has come a long way since then. It is not the typical cloud-hosted website builder, instead it is an offline website building software. To get started, you have to download the software on your local device > pick a template > make some changes > and publish your website to make it live. Actually, it is easier than it sounds. Moreover, it comes with the typical drag-and-drop editor which is structured in nature. It means you can drag and drop blocks around instead of single web elements to build a rather pixel-perfect website as it automatically adjusts the pixel ratio. They offer a lot of templates to choose from, neatly categorized according to the niche or industry. Moreover, the templates are created professionally that offer compliance to web standards. On top of that, the templates are mobile-optimized that helps you build a mobile-first website.

Furthermore, the software comes with an in-built image editing tool for convenient image editing. Moreover, you have two options: you can start with a template or build your website from scratch. It caters for professionals as well by giving them access to raw HTML and CSS website files and enabling them to throw-in their custom code block.

Bear in mind that TemplateToaster comes with an old-school dashboard that looks like MS Office. You have a header laced with tools and menus you will need to create your own website. It offers compatibility with a range of popular CMSs like Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Joomla, PrestaShop, Blogger, VirtueMart, and more. This is the reason it is an all-rounder website builder that can be used to build a range of websites in various niche or industries.


Web standard compliant templates: Offers a range of templates designed professionally by their in-house web designers that comply with web standards, particularly BootStrap and W3C.

Structured drag-and-drop editor: Comes with a unique structured drag-and-drop editor that allows you to drag and drop a block of web elements rather than single elements to allow you to create a perfectly aligned website design.

Compatible with various CMSs: It offers compatibility with a range of popular CMSs like Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Joomla, PrestaShop, Blogger, VirtueMart, and more.

SEO-friendly: In-built SEO tools allow you to create SEO-friendly and visually appealing websites to boost your SEO ranking.

High-speed webpages: Web standards compliant Templates are optimized for speed as well for overall better performance.

Work offline: This downloadable tool allows you to build your fully functional website without a stable internet connection.

Create widgets and regions: in case you have a lot of content and sub-sections, you can display them in visually attractive widgets and regions.

Predefined color palettes: Comes with a wide range of predefined color palettes to choose from.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable plans
  • Web standards complaint templates
  • Code editing is possible in IDE
  • Compatible with all major CMSs


  • No free version
  • Not available for Mac or Android
  • Important specifications
  • CMSs compatibility: Yes
  • eCommerce features: Yes
  • Mobile-friendly templates: Yes
  • Free Domain: No

Ideal for
Suitable for anyone who wants to build an unlimited number of websites with web standards complaints templates. It offers a greater scope for creativity by allowing users to create their own website from scratch. Therefore, anyone who wants to leverage this option should go for this tool.

TemplateToaster comes with a free trial version and then there are two paid editions. Best part is that it offers a one-time payment option and they are incredibly affordable.

Unique factor

The fact that they offer a ‘start from scratch’ option enables a greater scope of creativity. It means the users can create a website entirely based on their imagination, without any coding.

Missing feature
TemplateToaster needs to create Mac and Android compatible versions as well. Currently they only offer WIndow-based tools and users are desperately asking for a Mac and other platforms versions.

eCommerce builders

If you want to build an eCommerce website instead of a generic website, then there are eCommerce builders that offer eCommerce specific functions. Use the following builders to create an online stores with all the advanced eCommerce features you could ever need-


BigCommerce is the leading player in the eCommerce industry that caters for startups as well as established companies by offering them everything they need to start and expand their business. Due to the wide array of robust features it offers, it is one of the well-popular eCommerce platforms. Moreover, it comes with advanced yet easy-to-use built-in features that allows you to build a fully-functional website to sell unlimited number of items. The all-in-one eCommerce solution offers advanced store management features including order fulfilment, product management, coupons and discounts, online transactions, customer analytics, and more. Apart from store features, it offers content management features too, including blog posts, pages, and more. However, it is not it’s strongest selling point.

It is slightly different from aforementioned website builders as it offers customizable pre-built site templates with a WYSIWYG editor that enables you to customize the templates to fit your requirements without having to code. In fact, the setup wizard allows you to preview your chosen template on laptop, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc, to help you visualize your storefront and make tweaks accordingly. However, if you are professional and want access to codes, then you have a full HTML editor as well that grants access to raw CSS files to make in-depth custom layout edits. Plus, it clearly displays the way your text will look including the font styles, size, and color.

Moreover, the intuitive dashboard allows you to manage your products across multiple channels including Facebook, Amazon, eBay, ETSY, Pinterest Stores, and more, by syncing the inventory. Moreover, add a blog and other SEO-friendly elements to your eCommerce site easily as it offers you full access to metadata, titles, header tags, URLs, that enables you to customize your blog and information pages to make them SEO-friendly.


Multichannel selling: Allows you to sell your products on various channels like Facebook, Amazon, eBay, ETSY, Pinterest Stores, and more. The inventory syncing makes it easier to keep track and manage your products across various channels.

Stunning themes: There may not be a lot of options when it comes to free themes but it offers some stellar themes if you can afford to buy a paid theme.

Strong SEO performance: Offers you complete control over SEO data for each of your products and you can edit product URL, page title, meta description, keyword insertion, and more.

Landing page builder: Attain better results from your Ad campaign by creating and setting up landing pages for the ads you are running.

eCommerce-specific tools: It offers every advanced eCommerce tool you can ever need including online transactions, order fulfilment, checkout process, dropshipping, shipping integrations, coupons, product reviews, etc.

Email marketing: Allows you to integrate third-party email marketing tools such as Email domain name, Mailchimp, etc, and other digital marketing tools to reach a wider customer section.

Social media tools: Connect t social media platforms to engage with your consumer on a personal level to build trust. Also, incorporate ‘Buy Now’ buttons on various platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Unlimited products: Add as many products as you want and handle the product variants with ease.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use interface
  • Intuitive single-page checkout process
  • No transaction fees
  • Rock-solid customer assistance channels


  • You may have to hire a professional to customize the templates as HTML and CSS knowledge is required.
  • Important specifications
  • Third-party apps integration: Yes
  • One-page checkout process: Yes
  • Dropshipping: Yes
  • Migration services: Yes

Ideal for
BigCommerce is perfect for anyone who’s growing fast and wants to orchestrate their eCommerce store at scale. It comes with some of the advanced features that would be totally unnecessary for a small-scale eCommerce store but a large-scale website would absolutely love it. Some of its notable clients are Toyota, Gibson Guitars, PayPal Here, Ben & Jerry’s, Ford UK, and more. Therefore, if you want your eCommerce store to be thriving like that, go for BigCommerce.

Considering the type of features and functionalities BigCommerce offers, you can’t expect not to pay anything. Therefore, there is no free version available. However, it does offer a generous 15-day free trial. Its detailed pricing is as follows-

Unique factor
BigCommerce has the largest amount of built-in security solutions of any eCommerce builder that mainly includes SSL security certificate, DDoS attacks prevention, anti-malware, WAF (web application firewall), and more. This way it allows the website owners to focus on their business instead of worrying about security and other issues.

Missing feature
The whole point of having a website builder is the ease of use. However, BigCommerce is not suitable for anyone with no prior web development experience. Moreover, you need HTML and CSS coding skills to customize the BigCommerce themes. Basically, BigCommerce lacks ease of use.


Shopify is indubitably the leading eCommerce solution. There is an interesting story behind how it was coined. In 2006, a German man was living in Canada and decided to create an online store to sell his snowboards. Soon, he realized that others can also use this platform to sell their goods. Fast forward to some years, it is now known as Shopify, one of the leading eCommerce solutions. This platform is not limited to just create and launch an online store but is much more than that. It supports online store owners in crucial aspects like managing additional channels (like eBay, Etsy, Facebook, Amazon, etc) and other advanced tools like customer support via live chat.

Moreover, it is a fully functional eCommerce solution laced with an extensive range of read-made online stores that allows you make negligible customization and setup your online store. In fact, it has the largest capacity when it comes to future-scalability and out-of-the-box ideas. Also, the intuitive and easy to grasp platform requires you to sign-up and will take you by the hand through the whole process. Furthermore, it has over 100 optimized templates to choose from. These ready-made templates are mobile-ready (responsive) with top-notch features. On top of that, it offers web hosting with its plans. It eliminates the need for you to sign up for any external web hosting provider since Shopify neatly handles your website files in one place. However, it only offers cloud-hosted platforms.

Nevertheless, Shopify comes with a great selection of third-party app integrations which means you don’t have to solely depend on the built-in features. Moreover, you can easily utilize third-party integrations that will lead to an increase in sales and revenue.


Easy to use: Offers a great beginner’s guide and extensive documentation. Moreover, there is no technicality involved and you can get everything done within a few clicks.
Third-party apps configuration: Offers an extensive third-party apps market packed with useful and compatible add-ons for seamless integration
Flexible: It caters for beginners by offering pre-made templates and themes. However, professionals can also leverage the flexibility by accessing the code of the website.
Scalability: If you are a startup and aiming for going big in the future then Shopify is the most suitable option as it provides greater scope for scalability.
Designs: Offers a great range of stunning themes and templates that are mobile-optimized and can offer a great user experience.
SEO features: SEO is an important aspect for any eCommerce store to attain visibility and reach its audience. With Shopify, get full control over your SEO and reach your targeted audience effectively.
eCommerce tools: Comes with a great range of eCommerce tools including product presentation, unlimited products, product variants, cart function, user reviews, checkout process, payment methods, shipping options, and more.
Security: Offers SSL encryption, Customer login area, password protection, malware protection, and more for added security.

Pros and Cons


  • Advanced marketing tools
  • An extensive third-party apps market
  • Rock-solid, around-the-clock customer support
  • Robust customer experience
  • Offers a generous 14-day trial.


  • Pricey premium plans
  • No refund policy
  • Important specifications
  • Payment options: Yes
  • SEO features: Yes
  • Themes and Templates: Yes

Ideal for
If you are a beginner and have no technical knowledge, then get started with Shopify. This affordable platform allows you to set up an attractive online store in a couple of minutes. Basically, anyone with great future plans should opt for Shopify as it comes with great scalability options for growth.
Shopify comes with a generous 14-day free trial that allows you to test out the platform. It unlocks all the features so you can get familiar with the platform before committing to any premium plans . Moreover, you can cancel anytime but it does not have any refund policies. Following is the pricing plans offered by Shopify-

Unique factor
Shopify offers the best multi-lingual and multi-region information. If you have international customers, you can cater to them in their native language and currency. This platform offers easily manageable multilingual and multi-currency online stores which are rarely offered by any other users.
Missing feature
It can be difficult to reformat content when you switch themes. You’d manually have to reformat all the content in that case which can be a time-consuming and repetitive task.

The WordPress Website Builder by Sitetrail sets a new standard in web design technology. It’s acclaimed for its user-friendly interface, incorporating a drag-and-drop editor that eliminates the need for programming knowledge. This tool empowers users to create stunning, responsive websites effortlessly, utilizing its extensive library of over 40 dynamic widgets and upwards of 180 sleek design templates.

Packed with advanced functionalities, including a versatile contact form builder, a landing page builder optimized for the best user experience, a customizable popup builder, and plugins designed to enhance site speed, this builder ensures your site excels in core web vitals and achieves top Google page speed scores. Sitetrail distinguishes itself with lightning-fast hosting solutions, cutting-edge digital marketing tools, and themes optimized for an award-winning user experience.

What is cool about Sitetrail is the digital marketing features as add-ons. For example, the unlimited newspass, ad credits for SME’s and all sorts of resources to supercharge your digital marketing. Finally, it is fully integrated with WooCommerce, making it ideal for a wide range of e-commerce activities from subscription services to selling products online, all without the hassle of commission fees. Its cost-effectiveness and convenience offer a distinct advantage over competitors like Shopify and Wix, positioning it as the go-to choice for savvy web creators.

So here is your latest list of the website and eCommerce builders. The list is offered for the purpose of offering you in-depth details about the various aspects of each website and eCommerce builder listed above. Therefore, I covered some of the crucial aspects like the features, pros & cons, unique factors for each, missing features for each, and so on, to enable you to make an informed decision. Now, it is your decision to make, what website builder you want to use to build your own site.

However, just for the sake of a quick recommendation: go for Wix if you want to create a website with full freedom and have a unique layout in your mind. For an all-rounder website development with more liberty to work with drag-and-drop editor and raw CSS and HTML files, go for TemplateToaster as it is affordable as well. However, if you want to build an eCommerce store and want to expand it in the coming years, then Shopify is the best solution for you. For more informative blog posts, Subscribe to TemplateToaster blog.

I hope this article helped you pick the right website builder that fulfills your requirements and helps you create a website of your dreams. Please comment below to share your experiences and doubts. We’d love to hear from you and help you out!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Is a website builder worth it?
Depending upon the platform you opted for, it could be the best thing for you. If you have done your homework and picked a website builder that suits your requirement then it will absolutely be worth it. However, we recommend you to steer clear of the free website builders as they are often poorly built platforms and will do nothing more than wasting your time. Instead go for a website builder that offers value for money and you will end up earning much more money than you have spent.
Q2: What website builder do you recommend me for creating my music website?
A music website should be full of creativity with a personal touch. For this kind of website, opt for TemplateToaster. They even have a step-by-step guide on how to create a music website.
Q3: What are some ideal options to create a blogging site for free?
If you want to try out a free website builder then go for Wix that offers a generous free version to create an entry-level website with essential features.
Q4: Do I need to hire professionals after getting a website builder?
The whole point of getting a website builder is to create a website without having to code. Therefore, you won’t have to hire professionals to create your website using a website builder. You’d be fine on your own and will create a sufficiently functioning website in no time.
Q5: What is a trial package?
A trial package is often offered by website builders to give their new members a sense of what a paid package will offer. It is a great way of building trust by letting their new members know the functionalities available on their platform before asking them for any commitment. Most free trials are 2-weeks or one-month long which is enough to get to know a certain platform.

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