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Lunacy Review: Features, Pros & Cons & More

Lunacy Review

Lunacy is a powerful free graphic design software from Icons8 that is built to help users easily edit, optimize images, create text, and generate illustrations with the help of AI technology. Lunacy does provide you with a quicker and more efficient solution to complete different kinds of graphic design projects. In this post, we are going to cover in detail Lunacy review, so you can understand how the software can help in graphic designing.

Overall, Lunacy is packed with AI-powered tools that speed up the entire process of graphic designing. It also comes with power pack features that help make stunning graphic designs. In this post, we are going to talk in detail about the capabilities of Lunacy, its pros and cons, Lunacy features, and its abilities to help boost the creativity of graphic designers. So, without any further delay let’s begin with the comprehensive Lunacy review.

What is Lunacy?

Lunacy is a free graphic design software with built-in capabilities to help designers create amazing graphics. It is a native Windows app that works offline and supports .sketch files. It is a complete design software that helps create amazing app sketches and UI.UX designs, prototypes, illustrations and more.

Notably, Lunacy provides a set of Artificial Intelligence tools that can help with graphic design projects. What’s the most intriguing thing about Lunacy is that it is free and works offline. So you do not have to depend on a web browser. Besides, it also supports cross-platform capabilities and comes with built-in stock graphics that can be effortlessly used in your project and get things done faster.

At its core, Lunacy is a powerful graphic design software that provides stunning built-in images, and AI tools to work on the design process. Notably, it is easy to use for both professionals and beginners. And offers simple layouts and functions that are easy to learn. The software provides tools that allow the artists to stay focused and work on the creative aspect of designing.

Do You Need Graphic Design Software? Lunacy Review

So, as a graphic designer, you are constantly looking for software and tools that can make your job smooth and easy. What is great about Lunacy is that it is software for everyone, whether you are a novice or a professional user Lunacy graphic design software for all.
While beginners can enjoy using smooth graphic elements and ease of use. While the AI tools and capabilities further make graphic designing easier, from removing background images to resizing, everything is very easy.

At the same time, professional users can also benefit from the AI tools that allow them to complete the task quickly. You can easily create an avatar in Jiffy, or simply open a file from other tools such as Figma, Adobe XD, and more.

As a free tool, it also provides the ability to design and seamless collaboration with your team. You can easily share documents, edit them, add comments, and check changes in the design in real time.

Lunacy Review: Features

Here I am going to discuss in detail features of Lunacy that you are going to love. Given below are some of the most interesting features that I am going to discuss in detail in this Lunacy review.

  • Design Suggestions

Based upon the user input Lunacy can provide design suggestions and creative ideas. This is possible as the software observes the design patterns and components in the project and accordingly suggests some ideas. Designers who are running short of creative ideas or who need more ideas can find this software very useful. Moreover, the AI tools take into consideration many design trends and patterns to provide suggestions to give your work a new look and feel.

  • Linked Designs

With Lunacy you can edit live web pages right from the software itself. So you do not have to depend upon the coders to make minor changes in the design. You can easily add links to the visual elements into the HTML code and also update them whenever you want. Thus you can modify the design anywhere and at any time.

  • Easy Collaborations

While taking on a design project you need to collaborate with several stakeholders including, designers, developers, and clients. Lunacy allows users to work seamlessly on the same project at the same time, offering a smooth collaboration experience. The designers can easily exchange files, invite team members to collaborate, and receive real-time feedback. It provides a streamlined collaboration experience so you do not have to constantly check emails. And make sure everyone is part of the design process.

  • Usability and Third-Party Integrations

Lunacy has a great user interface, which is simple and clean. The software provides quick and easy access to tools. The designers will find it easy to switch to Lunacy, especially the ones who are familiar with the tools and various design aspects. Moreover, Lunacy also supports popular file formats like Figma, which makes it easy to import and export design files between different platforms.

  • Auto Shape Colors

Are you tired of manually changing the shape colors to match the background? Lunacy provides an auto shape colors option that allows you to automatically adjust the colors of the shapes depending upon their size and location. Thus it automatically creates beautiful well-matched designs.

  • Auto Updates for Generated Content

While working with duplicate layers or groups that contain generated text or avatars, Lunacy effectively replaces them with new ones. Thus you do not require manual updates. While also making sure your design is latest and up-to-date.

  • Auto Z Index

In most design software managing layer order can be quite difficult. However, with Lunacy this process is highly simplified with auto z index. The features allow the automatic ordering of layers depending on their size. So you do not need to manually send the layers back and forth, as Lunacy manages it all.

Lunacy Review: Pros and Cons

In this section, we are going to discuss in detail some of the pros and cons of the Lunacy graphic design software so you can make a better choice for yourself while choosing the best graphic design software.

Lunacy Review: Pros

  • Creative ideas fueled by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Lunacy automation can save you time and effort.
  • Wide range of pre-designed elements.
  • Collaboration tools allow you to work with up to 100 people.
  • 100% free tool.
  • Supports 18 languages.

Lunacy Review: Cons

  • Does not offer advanced functionality.
  • Learning curve.
  • Limited customer support options.

Why Do I Recommend Lunacy?

Are you looking for a graphic design tool that is powerful and user-friendly? Then Lunacy is a good option to consider. The AI-driven design software elevates your design experience and creative thinking. Here are some of the reasons why you can consider using Lunacy for your graphic design project:

  • Lunacy effortlessly integrates Artificial Intelligence into your graphic designing workflow and allows you to explore its creative potential. It provides creative design suggestions by evaluating the latest design trends and patterns, which can help improve your creativity and design abilities. So if you are running into design blocking and lack of ideas, Lunacy is a perfect solution for you.
  • Designers often get bored because of repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as aligning and resizing images. With AI automation features Lunacy allows designers to focus on more creative works than mundane tasks.
  • Furthermore, professional designers at Lunacy have built a huge library of predesigned material including icons, graphics, UI elements, and more. You can directly use these elements or even customize them and use them in your design project. These design elements save your time and effort while also making sure the designs are beautiful and fresh.
  • Lastly, Lunacy is completely free. So designers can make the most of its interesting features and AI capabilities which are easy to use. Therefore, Lunacy is a great option for graphic designers who want to create interesting designs and also boost efficiency without paying a penny.

Lunacy Review: Final Words

Overall, Lunacy is a powerful intuitive graphic design software that utilizes AI technology to help graphic designers come up with interesting and creative designs. Along with AI-powered tools, built-in graphics, and automation, graphic designers can save a lot of time and effort. Also, Lunacy is easy to use, thus can help beginners create designs, and for professionals facilitating projects quickly. So whether you are a seasoned designer or just started with graphic designing, Lunacy can prove to be highly beneficial for all.
Considering it is a free tool, it will be tough to find such graphic design software that has it all.
Hopefully, this Lunacy review helps you make the right choice. If you have any questions do let me know in the comments.