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Simpu review

Simpu provides an innovative avant-garde customer communication platform solution which provides effective ways to meet the needs of both customers and partners. With Simpu customer communication platform solutions you can start WhatsApp Groups, Contact CRM, get in-depth Insights, Send Reviews to the Customers, Email Marketing, and SMS Marketing. It helps in enhancing customer experience by making it possible to communicate effectively.

It provides innovative solutions such as Shared Inbox, Chatbot, Text and Email Marketing platform. Customer communication platforms like Simpu can help you with better business communication, and connect better with the customers. It helps you create tailored SMS campaigns to engage your customers and also help with their conversions. Also, you can create in-depth reports to analyse the marketing campaigns.

The customer communication platform allows you to effectively manage your customer data in a list, so you can create targeted campaigns. You can also create filters and rules to automatically distinguish your campaigns. Simpu helps you easily communicate with a wide array of features that improve customer interactions and facilitate communication.